The School of Environmental Sciences offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs focused on the comprehensive study of complex interactions involving soil, rock, water, air and living organisms, which form the Earth’s Critical Zone.

By integrating life and physical sciences, students will address important environmental problems in natural and managed terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Flexibility and diversity in courses and programs, within the School of Environmental Sciences affords students the ability to chart their own course of study based on interests and career goals.

Students develop expertise and skills through strong theoretical foundations in various disciplines along with practical experiences on- and off-campus. The integrated spectrum of knowledge from the 40 faculty in the School of Environmental Sciences also allows for comprehensive consideration of socio-economic and policy issues that would otherwise not be possible in more traditional environmental science programs.  


  • Research projects around the world from the Arctic to the tropics
  • Many field courses that provide hands-on skills and technical expertise
  • International and national award-winning faculty and staff
  • Scholarship opportunities within SES and UofG as well as provincially, nationally and internationally

Professional Opportunities

  • Environmental consultant
  • Federal, provincial or municipal governmental agencies
  • Conservation authority officer
  • Research associate
  • Meteorologist, Naturalist, Geologist, Biologist, Hydrologist, Entomologist, and many more

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Programs
Environmental Biology (ENVB)

  • ​(**the Earth Surface Science major was discontinued effective 2011-12 calendar cycle**)
  • (**the Forest Systems and Geology minors were discontinued effective 2012-13 calendar cycle**)

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences (BSc[Env]) Programs
Environmental Sciences (ENVS) (ENVS:C)

  • (**the Earth and Atmospheric Science, Environmental Biology, and Natural Resources Management majors were discontinued effective 2012-13 calendar cycle**)
  • (**the Environmental Sciences major was initiated effective 2012-13 calendar cycle**)

Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) Programs
Environmental Management (EM)



Graduate Programs

PhD, MSc, MES and GDIP
Environmental Science

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