Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Faculty in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences field study three main themes: geology, climate and meteorology, and soils

Specific research areas include:

  • soil biology, soil physics and soil chemistry
  • glacial geology
  • geobiology
  • geochemistry
  • climate modelling
  • micrometeorology
  • soil and land resource management

Emmanuelle Arnaud

Research interests: glacial geology, sedimentology, Quaternary geology, hydrogeology, subsurface environments

Asim Biswas 

Research interests: soil physics, vadose zone hydrology, soil water dynamics at landscape scale, soil spatial variability and spatial statistics, quantitative land evaluation and digital soil mapping, soil pedology and pedometrics

Kari Dunfield

Research interests: environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, soil microbiology

Adam Gillespie

Research interests: soil science, soil chemistry, organic matter, soil health

Susan Glasauer

Research interests: microbial geochemistry, soil chemistry, biogeochemistry

Beverley Hale

Research interests: metal contamination of soils, soil remediation

Richard Heck

Research interests: soil morphology, landform quantification, 3D soil models, spatial configuration of soil components

Scott Krayenhoff

Research interests: land-atmosphere interactions, climate of natural and constructed canopies, regional scale climate modelling, urban meteorology, climate change

John Lauzon

Research interests: nutrient cycling and management, agroecosystems, manure management, soil nutrients

James Longstaffe

Research interests: environmental chemistry, natural organic matter, soil chemistry, soil and groundwater contamination, environmental remediation, analytical instrumentation

Ivan O'Halloran

Research interests: soil phosphorus, phosphorus cycling, nutrient management, phosphorus index, manure nutrient availability, nutrient runoff, water quality

Laura Van Eerd

Research interests: nitrogen fertility, soil health, cover crops, vegetable and low acreage production, crop rotation

Paul Voroney

Research interests: soil biology and biochemistry, biogeochemical cycling of soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus, soil management, organic waste management, organic agriculture

Claudia Wagner-Riddle

Research interests: net greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy feedstock, micrometeorology, methane emissions from anaerobic digesters, farm-scale greenhouse gas emissions, nitrous oxide emissions

Jon Warland

Research interests: agricultural meteorology, measurement and modelling of atmospheric turbulent transport, environmental instrumentation, agricultural physics