Consultation Process

To create a smoke-free campus policy that considers the various needs of our University, the Smoke-Free Campus Steering Committee held extensive consultation with the community.

More information on the consultation process and themes arising from the process is available in the Final Summary Report on a Smoke-Free Campus.

Open Consultations (August – September 2018)

All interested community members were invited to take part in any of four consultation sessions through August and September 2018.

​In the consultation sessions, the following questions were discussed:

  • Do you or your union/group support moving toward a smoke-free campus policy?
  • What benefits or opportunities do you think a smoke-free campus policy will offer the University of Guelph?
  • What potential challenges or opposition do you foresee as the University moves toward a smoke-free campus? What questions or concerns do you anticipate, and what should the advisory committee be prepared to address?
  • What should be considered in implementing a smoke-free campus policy?
  • How do we ensure our commitment to an inclusive campus if people who smoke are not allowed to do so on campus?
  • Faculty, staff and students have resources through the University and other organizations to help with smoking cessation.
    • Are there additional resources or supports you need?
    • Are there additional resources or supports supervisors or leaders need?
  • What would be the best way for the University to communicate with about the smoke-free campus initiative?
    1. Do you have any recommendations on the language/wording that is used?
  • Who else should we connect with or who else should be involved?
  • Do you have any additional questions, comments or considerations?

Conversation Boards (September – November 2018)

Over several days in fall 2018, conversation boards were available in locations around campus. Community members used these boards to share their thoughts on a smoke-free campus.

On November 14, U of G participated in a 1Day Stand event, where the conversation boards were available for further comment.

On November 26, all campus community members were invited to an information and consultation session where the boards were available for comment.

Employee and Student Group Meetings (April to December 2018)

Members of the smoke-free campus advisory committee met with employee and student groups to understand what the committee should consider when developing the smoke-free campus policy.

The committee met with:

  • Heads of Unions
  • Deans
  • Campus Community Police
  • Central Students Association, Graduate Students Association and SLAM (Student Leaders and Administration Meeting)
  • Human Resources
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Student Housing and Family Housing Staff
  • Students in residence
  • Aboriginal faculty, staff and students
  • Student Affairs directors
  • Student Experience staff
  • Hospitality Services
  • Leave the Pack Behind student representatives

If you would like to request a consultation session for your department or group, please email

Information and Consultation Session (November 2018)

The Smoke-Free Campus steering committee hosted an information and consultation session on Nov. 26 in Peter Clark Hall (University Centre).

Watch the video recording or view the slides from the session. 

Draft Policy Consultation (January and March 2019)

Based on community feedback, the Smoke-Free Campus steering committee created a first draft of the policy and shared it for feedback in January 2019.

After further feedback, the committee updated the draft policy, re-engaged key groups and shared the revised policy with the community for further feedback.

The final Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Campus policy was approved in April 2019.