Resources for Each Stage of Change

Not ready to quit smoking?

That’s okay. If you’ve tried to quit and failed, don’t be discouraged. No one is too addicted to quit, and it may take multiple attempts to succeed. If you change your mind or want to explore resources, check out:

Thinking about quitting smoking?

That’s a great start! No matter your motivation to stop smoking, consider setting a quit date. If you’re interested in resources to help you quit, check out:

Ready to quit smoking?

This is a great step in the right direction! Remember that even small progress is still progress. Take it one day at a time and don’t give up. If you’re interested in resources to help, check out:

In the process of quitting smoking?

Keep it up! Quitting smoking is a difficult process. Celebrate each small victory, and don’t let slip-ups discourage you. If you need more support in your quit journey, check out:

Are you an ex-smoker?

Congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step toward improving your health. Quitting is a challenge and staying smoke-free can be just as hard. For tips on maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle, check out:

Looking to help someone you care about quit smoking? 

It can be hard watching a friend continue to smoke despite the associated health risks. Remember that it’s important to be supportive and non-judgmental. For more resources on how to help, check out: