Fair Trade Campus

Fair Trade Campus

Through work by the student group Engineers Without Borders and Hospitality Services, in 2013 the University of Guelph has become the first university east of the Rockies to be accredited as a "Fair Trade University"

What is a Fair Trade Campus?

The designation as a Fair Trade Campus by Fair Trade Canada means that all of the coffee served at non-franchise locations on campus is Fair Trade, and at least three Fair Trade Certified tea options and one Fair Trade Certified chocolate bar is available everywhere you can buy coffee or chocolate on campus.

What is Fair Trade? Why Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade movement aims to empower producers and promote development in developing countries, through more equitable trade relations. It allows small scale farmers to gain access to markets, reduces the exploitation of farmers by the middlemen and protects farmers against market fluctuations. Farmers on Fair Trade co-ops receive a baseline price for what they produce, to ensure them a decent standard of living and guard against market fluctuations. For coffee, this is $1.26 US/lb. A Fair Trade premium is paid on top of this baseline to the co-op.  The co-ops then spend this money on community development projects. Lastly, Fair Trade products adhere to strict worker’s rights standards as set out by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and environmental standards are fulfilled during production.  In addition to coffee, tea and chocolates, There are many other Fair Trade Certified products including, bananas, sugars and honey.

For more information visit:

The Canadian Fair Trade Network or Fair Trade Canada