Delineating drainage class by in-field induction measurement of soil magnetic susceptibility

Lead Applicant: Richard Heck

Research Priority: Soil Health

Program Type: Tier 1

Funding Cycle: 2021/2022

Research Centre: Ontario Crops Research Centre - Elora & Simcoe

Research Summary: Effective natural soil drainage in agricultural landscapes is fundamental for effective refinement of precision management systems, as it determines local soil redox biochemistry. Field magnetic induction instruments have been used for decades to delineate local variations in electrical conductivity (moisture & salinity) in agricultural landscapes. Though this method is well-established in archeology, its potential application in precision agriculture has yet to be effectively established. This project would build on recent exploratory research, funded through NSERC-Engage, which has demonstrated the utility of magnetic induction to model soil profile hydromorphism and its dynamics.