Evaluation of on-farm processed full fat soybeans and probiotics for use in swine diets to improve growth performance, health, and carcass value

Lead Applicant: Lee-Anne Huber

Research Priority: Animal Health & Safety

Program Type: Tier 1

Funding Cycle: 2023/2024

Research Centre: Ontario Swine Research Centre

Research Summary: The Ontario swine industry is facing supply-chain delays and high cost of feed ingredients due to post-pandemic ingredient shortage, transportation disruptions, international conflict, severe weather events, and the obligation to reduce reliance on antimicrobials. We will explore the feasibility of using on-farm soybean processing to increase the economic resiliency of Ontario pig farms in combination with testing probiotics as an alternative to antimicrobials. Classic feed ingredient evaluation techniques will be used for full-fat soybeans. The project will explore the incorporation of full-fat soybeans and probiotics in nursery-finisher rations and the effects on growth performance, incidences of morbidity and mortality, fecal microbial profile, carcass value at slaughter, and interactions among these outcomes. This project will also provide practical feeding recommendations for producers and nutritionists looking to incorporate full-fat soybeans into swine rations and improve growth performance without the use of antimicrobials.