Maternal and perinatal dietary supplementation with enzymatically hydrolyzed yeast cell wall: immunocompetence and growth performance of piglets and broiler chicks

Lead Applicant: Elijah Kiarie

Research Priority: Animal Health & Welfare

Program Type: Tier 1

Funding Cycle: 2021/2022

Research Centre: Arkell Swine Research Facility & Ontario Poultry Research Centre at the Arkell Research Station

Research Summary: Due to actions taken by regulatory bodies, producers, and consumers to eliminate the use of antibiotics for growth performance (AGP), there is an immediate need for alternatives to aid production animals in coping with stressors and unforeseen challenges, particularly during early life. The goal of this research is to integrate dam and perinatal nutrition to enhance the immune health of neonatal piglets and chicks to support early life growth & performance on AGP-free feeding programs. These results will aid in supporting Ontario as a competitive and productive agri-food sector.