Evaluating the effects of inclusion of dewatered skim milk and cheese whey on performance of lactating dairy cows

Lead Applicant: Bassim Abbassi

Research Priority: Innovative Products & Product Improvement Projects

Program Type: Tier 1

Funding Cycle: 2022/2023

Research Centre: Elora Research Station

Research Summary: The objective of this project is to develop a cost-effective dewatering method for waste skim-milk and cheese whey to feed to lactating dairy cows. The design and optimization of a dewatering system will use a type of clay called calcium bentonite, for adsorption (attracting solids) and physical separation that results in a concentrated bentonite stream containing protein and nutrients. Animal feeding trials will be used to evaluate the stream's effectiveness on the performance of lactating cows. The results could improve economic outcomes for dairy and beef farmers and dairy processors, as well as limit waste through product diversion.