Market validation of a portable hydroxyl-radical unit for surface decontamination of food and non-food surfaces and shelf-life extension of fruit & vegetables

Lead Applicant: Keith Warriner

Research Priority: Food Safety Projects

Program Type: Gryphon's LAAIR

Funding Cycle: 2021/2022

Research Centre: NA

Research Summary: Food and non-food items are contaminated with pesticides and pathogens, and existing methods to sterilize items require infrastructure that is cost-intensive. To help mitigate this, we developed a portable hydroxyl-radical sterilization unit as an alternative method to UV light treatment currently on the market. This project aims to find a viable path to using the portable hydroxyl-radical sterilization unit in the stages of the supply chain for food and non-food items, e.g. to extend the shelf life of soft fruit or disinfection of electronic devices.