Validation and certification of engineered slow-release carbon-sequestering fertilizers

Lead Applicant: Rafael Santos

Research Priority: Animal Health & Welfare

Program Type: Gryphon's LAAIR

Funding Cycle: 2021/2022

Research Centre: NA

Research Summary: The agricultural fertilizer industry is having to continually evolve as the world's population rises, demanding an evermore boost in crop yields, yet also facing societal pressures to become more environmentally sustainable. The project team, GeoRewind, aims to enable negative-carbon emissions in the agricultural sector through the reduction of greenhouse gases and the removal of carbon with innovative-engineered slow-release carbon removing fertilizer. Through field trials, GeoRewind intends to validate these products, leading to commercialization. Upon product development, they will seek accreditation from SCC (for fertilizer) and AFL/NAPT (for soil/plant testing), paving the way for this innovative technology that is both an economic driver (fertilizer savings) and an environmental driver (climate change mitigation).