Aicheng Chen and Peter Wood at the ZEN Graphene Open House

Material of the Future

Chemistry professor Aicheng Chen works with industry partner on "material of the future."

Freshwater lake surrounded by forest, with forest reflecting in the clear waters.

World Health Day 2021

CEPS research contributes to World Health Day theme of building a fairer, healthier world.

Image of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut from across the water on a cloudy day

Storing Data, No Internet Required

Grad student Marshall Asch's research on data storage and mobile ad hoc networks has long-lasting implications.

Dr. Mihai Nica and his young son sitting in front of the Gryphon statue on U of G campus.

Q&A with Dr. Mihai Nica

Dr. Mihai Nica shares his mathematical perspective on machine learning.

Headshot of Vinuli De Silva

Growing Up Guelph

Vinuli De Silva has a long history with U of G, and is now in mathematical sciences with an area of emphasis in computer science.

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