Photo of Sheng Chang's Research

Microplastics: The Unseen Scourge

Unraveling the plastic threat hidden in our waters, Dr. Chang’s team has revolutionized the way we isolate, identify, and combat microplastic pollution.

Dr. A. Elsayed, S. Abner, Dr. E. Mena-Morcillo, and Dr. A. Chen pose in lab coats in a lab

Fighting Climate Change: Researchers Develop an Efficient Catalyst for CO2 Reduction

Global climate change is a hot topic in today's world, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless when we hear about its devastating effects. However, there is hope! Researchers from the University of Guelph, including Dr. Aicheng Chen, from the Chemistry Department, and Dr. Abdallah Elsayed, from the School of Engineering, have developed an innovative solution to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and combat climate change.

Hundreds of Students gathered for Battle STEM awards ceremony in the W.F. Mitchell Athletics Centre, Mitchell Gym, with the Battle STEM Logo graphic with a white background in the bottom left

BattleSTEM 2023

This past Thursday, the University of Guelph welcomed over 750 students and teachers from 26 different high schools across Ontario for our annual Battle STEM competition. Formerly known as the Science Olympics, Battle STEM gave Junior and Senior students the opportunity to participate in over 18 different STEM based events, workshops, and activities. Battle STEM is one of our largest outreach programs designed to engage youth in science and showcase the University of Guelph’s expertise and resources in STEM.

Headshot of Gabriele Wehrle

CEPS Student Feature - Gabriele Wehrle

Almost 7 years ago, Gabriele Wehrle came to Guelph to start her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological & Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Today she is working on her Masters of Science underneath Professor Jennifer Murphy researching carbon-capture materials. Finding a home at U of G, Gabriele has always looked for ways to be involved with the on-campus community.

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