Why is the card reader not responding?

If the card reader does not respond to your I.D. Card/iClass fob, the following conditions may be true:

  • Some lab doors are configured with an Unlock schedule.

    • U of G cards will not be required to open the door during an Unlock Schedule time period.

    • Grab the door handle and open the door.

  • Access at the particular door may not be assigned to you.

  • Have you recently changed status on campus?

    • If you were previously an undergradate student that is now a graduate student, your iClass I.D. card is no longer valid. Please obtain a new card from the Registrars Office in the UC (Level 3).

    • If you are an employee that is now taking courses on campus, please contact the Registrars Office to have your I.D.s reconciled.

  • Your iClass device may be damaged

    • Please test the card at a door that you know used to work with your card/fob.

    • Request your department Electronic Access Admin to test the card for you.

    • Request the Registrars Office (U.C. Level 3) to test your card.

    • Review the guidelines to care for your card.

  • Your iClass card must be presented on its own to the reader

    • Presenting your iClass card within a wallet, purse or backpack may be refused when other cards are detected by the reader.

    • Separate your U.of.G. iClass card from other cards.

  • Have you recently received a new card, and have found your previous(old) card?

    • Only the most recent issued U.of.G. iClass card will be active.

    • Old replaced cards reported as lost or stolen will no longer function and cannot be reactivated.

Students can contact their residence desk for assistance.

Faculty & Staff can contact their Department's Electronic Access Administrator for assistance.