PhD Defence

PhD Candidate Mehmet Pinar will defend his dissertation entitled "Stochastic-Dominance-Efficient Welfare Indices in Development" on Wednesday March 23 at 11:30 am in Mackinnon 720.    

March 17: Book Release

A new book, Cocktail Party Economics, by Economics Professor Evie Adomait and co-author Richard Maranta, was released today.  The book is published by Pearson Canada and is available in the University Bookstore.

March 16: Visiting Speaker Series

 Dr. Christopher Longo of McMaster University will present a paper on "Pharmaceutical Markets: Innovation, Pricing, Policy Options and their Options" On Friday March 18 at 3:30 pm in Mack 314. 

March 15: Tobacco Taxation Seminar

 Professor Jason Fletcher from Yale University will present "Genetic Modulation of the Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Use" in the Department of Economics Visiting Speaker series on Wednesday at 3:30 in Mack 226.  

March 11: Mathematical Economics Textbook Published

The third edition of Mathematics for Economics by Guelph Economics Professors Michael Hoy, John Livernois, Chris McKenna, Ray Rees and Thanasis Stengos, published by MIT Press, was released today. This streamlined third edition offers an array of new and updated examples.  Additionally, lengthier proofs and examples are provided on the book's website.  The book and the web material are cross-referenced in the text.

March 10: Scholarship Winner

The Warren Jestin Scholarship in Canadian Economic Policy was awarded to Marleigh Gilbert.  This scholarship is awarded to the economics student with the highest cumulative average over all courses in economic policy.  Marleigh is a co-op student in Management Economics in Industry and Finance and will be graduating this year.   

March 4: What Role Can Financial Regulators Play in Stabilizing Financial Markets?

Mr. Paul Redman will deliver a public lecture on "What Role Can Financial Regulators Play in Stabilizing Financial Markets?" on Wednesday March 9 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in RozH 101.  Mr. Redman is the Principal Economist at the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).   He holds a BA and MA in Economics from the University of Guelph.  

March 1: Economics of Equity Markets

 Jeff Stacey will give a guest lecture on Thursday in the Economics of Equity Markets class.  Jeff is the founding partner of Stacey Muirhead Capital Management firm with over 25 years of investment industry experience.  Jeff holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  More information about Jeff's firm can be found here.  

Feb 28: Applying Game Theory to Business Decisions

Mark Zschocke of Open Options, an international strategy firm based in Waterloo, is a guest lecturer on Thursday in two game theory classes. Open Options consultants work with the top corporations around the world – across a broad range of sectors and industries – on both corporate and operational issues of significance. 

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