EL Development Consultations

Co-curricular EL Development

Contact the Experiential Learning Development and Recognition team (experience@uoguelph.ca) for support developing or revising co-curricular experiential learning.

Curricular EL Development

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL)

The Office of Teaching and Learning offers a range of ongoing support to faculty seeking to develop or redesign EL courses.

College-embedded Partnership Developers

College of Arts (COA)
Megan Dr Roover
Experiential Learning Partnership and Educational Developer

College of Biological Science (CBS)
Cara Copeland
Experiential Learning Coordinator

Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Boris Martín
Experiential Learning Partnership and Educational Developer

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)
Taylor Scully
Learning Pathways Officer

Experience Profiles

  • Andrew was a highly engaged student at the University of Guelph. He worked as student staff on campus in Athletics, Admissions and Student Experience. In addition to this, he was a student leader, engaging in the Board of Governors, Student Senate, the Central Students Association, College of Arts Student Union and other organizations.