Finance Updates

Year End Procurement/Payment Procedures

Procurement/ Payables Apr 20 2016 - 16:41

The following information provides details regarding year-end Procurement and Payment procedures:

  1. Receiving copies of low value purchase orders relating to goods or services received up to and including April 30, 2016 are due to Payment Services by 10:00 am on May 9, 2016.  To ensure costs are allocated to the correct fiscal year, it is imperative that the date recorded on the...

University of Guelph Customs Broker

Procurement/ Payables Mar 2 2016 - 08:56

Please be advised that, effective March 21, 2016, the University of Guelph...

Carryforward Policy

Budgeting Mar 1 2016 - 09:45

The approved Carryforward Policy, Carryforward Planning Template and the Carryforward Policy Overview guideline are now available and can be found under Budget & Financial Planning Section "Policies & Procedures" page. The VP approval deadline is June 30, 2016.

Bottled Water

Procurement/ Payables Feb 1 2016 - 10:45

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of a collaborative competitive bidding process led by GCPG, the University of Guelph has selected Culligan Water (Caissen Water Technologies Inc), to provide bottled water and Point of Use (POU) Drinking Water Filtration system services to the University effective immediately.


PCard Procedures

Procurement/ Payables Feb 1 2016 - 10:42


During 2015, both Audit Services and Purchasing Services have done a number of audits of the University’s PCard program.  Based on these audit findings, Purchasing Services would like to use this memo to reiterate the standard PCard procedures that all PCard holders must follow, as well as to clarify some of the misconceptions around the PCard practices

2015-2016 Operating Budget Forecast

Budgeting Jan 5 2016 - 14:30

The 2015/2016 Forecast Guideline is now available and can be found under Budget & Financial Planning Section "Policies & Procedures" page. The submission deadline is February 5, 2016.

Approved Operating Carryforward Balances from 2014/2015 now available in 2015/2016 Budget

Budgeting Jun 25 2015 - 16:36

MTCU and OMAFRA operating carryforward balances (surplus and deficits) have been added to 2015/2016 budgets as one-time budget adjustments and can now be viewed in FRS. 


Procurement/ Payables Jun 22 2015 - 14:58


Bio-Rad' is transitioning to SAP for North American business operations systems. On July 6, 2015, they will go live on this platform.  Please see key changes and dates that will impact the University of Guelph.

Key Changes — Effective July 6, 2015

  • Invoice Delivery — Invoices will be issued after...

2015/2016 Budget Year

Budgeting Apr 14 2015 - 11:22

The 2015/2016 budget year is now open for viewing in FRS.

The 2015/2016 Benefit Rate Sheet is now available as is the 2015/2016 Budget Journal Entry Template.

University Fiscal Year End, April 30, 2015

Procurement/ Payables Apr 7 2015 - 14:18

The following information relates to the University’s April 30, 2015 year-end procedures.  These procedures apply to operating and ancillary departments, OMAFRA, grants (regardless of the Grant’s individual year-end date) and capital and renovation projects. By complying with the following deadlines and procedures, you will be ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the...