Frequently Asked Questions


Can I change to part-time?

You can change your course load in advance of the semester by completing the form required by Graduate Studies.  Please read the information provided on the form for more information. You will need to sign the form and obtain your Adisory Committee's signatures before submitting the form (paper or email attachment) to the FSQA Program Assistant -

Your part-time program will be one course per semester.  Please note that you need to stay registered in the FSQA*6500 course each semester until you receive a grade.  

If you have any questions about part-time program planning or the request to change course load, contact the FSQA Program Assistant -


How do I get an FSQA research project for course FSQA*6500?

New students start their program in the fall semester.  The first semester course FSQA*6000 Food Safety and Quality Assurance Seminar course provides experiential training in forms of communication that are likely to be required in professional or academic careers in food science and technology.  During the seminar course, you will be able to select a project and start refining your research objectives.  You will have a Faculty Advisor and Committee Member for your Advisory Committee. 

When you are registering and selecting courses for the winter semester, you will register for the FSQA*6500 FSQA Research course.  Select this course each semester until you receive a grade. Typically, students register for FSQA*6500 in the winter and summer semesters.  Some projects take more time, so students select the course again in the following fall semester.

You are welcome to find a Faculty Advisor on your own, but need to discuss your project plans with Prof. Jeff Farber, the Instructor for FSQA*6500.


How many courses should I take for a full-time program?

When you are admitted as a graduate student to the FSQA program as a full-time student, you do not have to take a specific number of courses to be full-time.  You can decide on your course load and plan to complete the MSc FSQA program in 3 or 4 semesters.  

Review the course guide in FSQA Student Resources for details on required and additional courses to complete the program requirements.


What courses do I take for the +Toxicology program (MSc FSQA+TOX)?

If you are registered in the MSc FSQA+TOX program (toxicology collaborative program), you will need to take 2 Toxicology graduate courses as part of your 4.5 credits for the MSc FSQA program.

There are three toxicology courses to select from.  Typically, FSQA students take the winter semester TOX*6200 Advanced Topics in Toxicology and the summer semester TOX*6000 Advanced Principles of Toxicology courses.  Please note that the TOX*6000 course runs in conjunction with an industry course.  The course runs over 2 week of full day sessions (Monday to Friday) on campus with graduate students and industry participants attending the course.  Graduate students have assignments they submit for a grade.  There is no cost to register in the course for graduate students - the course is selected through the course add form when summer semester registration opens. 

For questions about the toxicology courses, please contact:

Toxicology Director
Dr. Richard Manderville

Science Complex 3243
Ext. 53963 

Toxicology Graduate Program Assistant
Lisa O'Dwyer

Science Complex 2513
Ext. 53044