GSA Committees


GSA Standing Committees

Constitution & Bylaws Committee

Mandate:  This Committee provides a critical examination and evaluation of the By-Laws and any proposed change(s) to the By-Laws and to ensure the integrity of the By-Laws.  It also makes recommendations for change(s) to GSA Governing policy, if any, at the AGM and, where necessary, at the Board of Directors.  It is responsible for reviewing any referendum question(s) referred by the Board of Directors.

Membership: 4 General Directors

Chair: GSA VP Internal

Current GSA members: Emily Minard (, Michael Dube (, Joshua Gonzales (, David Said (

Finance Committee

Mandate:  This Committee advances the academic goals of graduate students as per the mission statement of the GSA.  It works within the GSA budget to allocate bursaries and awards, and annually reviews honoraria compensation.

Membership: 4 General Directors

Chair:  GSA VP Finance

Current GSA Members: Mingze Li (, David Bahrami (, Karan Raj Singh (, Jacob Yates (

Grad Lounge Sustainability Committee

Mandate:  To initiate the development of strategic goals that ensure sound management and stable Grad Lounge operations.  The G.L. was set up to operate as a financially independent entity, operating 12 months of the year, with the exception of the l2 weeks in August and the last 2 weeks of December.

Membership: 3 General Directors, GSA Activities & Communications Coordinator (ACC)

Chair: GSA President

Current GSA members: Nabhan Refaie (, Akierah Binns (, Jeet Alpesh Shah (

GSA Volunteer Committee

Mandate: The mandate of the Volunteer Committee is to develop, plan and execute GSA events that advance the academic, professional or social development of graduate students as per the GSA mission statement.

Membership: 4 General Directors

Chair: GSA Activities and Communications Co-ordinator

Current GSA members:Manpreet Kaur (, Elizabeth Manchester (, Mitul Gohil (, Mohinder Sethi (,

CSA/GSA Joint Committees

Student Transit Committee

Mandate:  This Committee manages the Student U-Pass and Late Night Agreements, held with the City of Guelph.  The Committee deals with transit-related issues.

Membership: GSA VP External (Committee Co-Chair), 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Rebecca Randle (

Student Health & Dental Plan Committee

Mandate:  This Committee makes decisions regarding the student health and dental plans at the University of Guelph

Membership: GSA VP Finance, 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Mingze Li (, Parabhsimranjeet Singh (

Student Fee Advisory Committees

Athletics Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Committee advises the President of the University of Guelph and the Director of Athletics on policy matters regarding the athletics programs, and use of athletics facilities at the University of Guelph including: student fees, athletics budget, new athletic centre, intramurals, etc.

Membership: VP External (ex-officio),1 General Director (voting member)

Compulsory Fees Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Committee is advisory to the Compulsory Fees Committee on matters dealing with programs funded all or in part by the SSF.  Specifically, on an annual basis, each SSF Advisory Committee shall provide the following: a qualitative assessment of the programs funded; an analysis of the expenditures against the budgets for each program area; recommendations for changes to be made in programs or budgets for the future.

Membership: GSA VP Finance, 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Mingze Li (

Homecoming Committee

Membership: 1 General Director or GSA Executive

Current GSA Members: Rebecca Randle (

Student Wellness Advisory Group

Mandate: Governs the Health Centre Activities

Current GSA Members: Vacant

Counselling Services

Current GSA Members: Vacant

Student Experience

Membership: GSA VP Internal

Current GSA Members: Emily Minard (

University Committees

Academic Policies & Procedures Committee

Mandate:  The committee serves as a venue for consultation, co-ordination, and refinement of proposals to amend or introduce new academic regulations or procedures in the undergraduate or graduate calendars, amend or introduce other new academic policies (e.g., Policy on the Establishment of the Schedule of Dates), or amend or introduce non-academic policies, approved by Senate, that have a significant and direct impact on teaching and/or learning (e.g. a research policy that significantly and directly impacts graduate students).

Membership: GSA VP Internal

Current GSA Members: Emily Minard (

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Group works to gain a snapshot of the situation on campuses across Canada and on our campus.  It also reviews best practices regarding alcohol education, programming, and discipline options.  It also reviews educational, training, programming and discipline initiatives presently in place on the Guelph campuses and makes recommendations to the Alcohol Safety Committee and senior Administration for change, if warranted.

Membership: 2 General Directors

Current GSA Members: Vacant

Animal Care Committee

Mandate:  This Committee oversees the care of animals used for research, testing or teaching occurring with any location that operates under the auspices of the University of Guelph.  It ensures that animals will receive care and treatment that meets or exceeds the standards outlined by the provincial guidelines and statutes, and by the Guidelines of the Canadian Council on Animal Care.  It also reviews protocols for the use of animals in either research or teaching with attention to the three “r”s asking: can animals be replaced in this program? Can the number of animals be reduced? Can the procedures be refined to lessen the pain and distress of the animals?

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Samantha Reynolds (

Co-Curricular Experiential Learning Integrity Committee

Mandate: Reviews proposals for co-curricular activities under the banner of the Experiential Learning Team.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Dipendra Karki (

Code of Ethical Conduct

Mandate: To provide information and support to the University community and campus organizations with respect to the Code and these Procedures.

Membership: 1 General Director 

Current GSA members: Vacant

Experiential Learning Advisory Committee

Mandate:  The Experiential Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) plays a leadership role in developing and evaluating experiential education programming at the University of Guelph, identifying gaps and areas for enrichment, assessing outcomes, and determining opportunities for collaboration within and outside of the institution. The overarching goal of ELAC is to provide advice to the University on ways to enhance and enrich experiential learning opportunities, both in and outside of the classroom.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Peter Duker (

Graduate Student Learning Initiative Committee

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Vacant

Graduate Student Mental Health Advisory Committee

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Vacant

Hate Activity Committee

Mandate: This Committee educates the community about the Standard Operating Procedures and its relation to the University’s human rights policy. It also makes recommendations to the Human Rights Advisory Group for amendments as necessary and appropriate. The committee responds to particular allegations or incidents and makes recommendations for action that uphold the University’s human rights policy.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Vacant

SHINE Week Committee

Mandate: Organizes the annual SHINE: Mental Well-Being Awareness Week.

Membership: 2 General Directors

Current GSA Members: Alice Hinchliffe (

Human Rights Advisory Group

Mandate:  The Advisory Group is critical to, among other things, advising the Assistant Vice-President (DHR) on revisions to the human rights policy which arise from the periodic formal review, selecting individuals who will serve the community as human rights resource persons and giving the DHR general advice on human rights within the University of Guelph context. appointment of the Human Rights Resource Persons under 11.3.1 by action through a subcommittee of HRAG.

Membership: 1 General Directors

Current GSA Members: Isaac Toyin (

Hospitality Services Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Committee provides a structured and open forum whereby unbiased representation from various user groups will evaluate and review various policy and operational aspects of Hospitality Services.  It also acts as an open channel of communication for members of the University community to register their concerns and/ or suggestions concerning departmental policy.  The committee acts in an advisory and consultative capacity, responsible to the Executive Director of Hospitality Services.

Membership:  1 General Director

Current GSA members: Vacant

Information Technology Student Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Committee serves as an advisory committee for Information Technology on campus on matters dealing with IT programs and services for students.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Yang Hoong (

Judicial Committee

Mandate:  This Committee hears and judges alleged infractions of non-academic behaviour as outlined in the document Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Membership: 1 General Directors

Current GSA members: Mavis Opoku (

OUTline Committee

Mandate:  This Committee provides peer support and information services on issues relating to sexual orientation and gender diversity to all individuals and families in the University of Guelph and surrounding community, especially those in the early stages of the coming out experiences and those most at risk.  It also provides strategic direction to OUTline’s programs and services in the short and longer term, and ensure on-going accountability to students for funding received via the student levy.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Janan Shoja Doost (

Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee

Mandate:  This Committee monitors, reviews and hears appeals of the parking and traffic system. 

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Daniel Colcuc (

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Advisory Committee

Mandate:  This Committee reviews present programs and recommends enhancements using best practices.  For more information, please visit the Sexual Violence Support & Information Website. 

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Anmol Samra (

Special Grants and Speakers' Fund Committee

Mandate:  This Committee provides year-round opportunities for special projects and initiatives that enhance the student experience and enrich the University Community.  This fund supports recognized student groups, clubs and registered students to run activities, programs or events that enrich the University Community.  These activities could be open to all University students or a selected cohort of students.

Membership: GSA VP Finance, 1 General Director

Current GSA Members: Mingze Li (

Student Budget Committee

Mandate: The Student Budget Committee (SBC) is intended to be a forum for ongoing consultation with students during the University budget development process. The focus will be on reviewing, developing and discussing ideas with regard to expenditure controls, revenue enhancement, and providing advice on any incremental investments that may be under consideration.

Membership: GSA VP Finance

Current GSA Members: Mingze Li (

Student Executive Council

Membership: GSA President

Current GSA Members: Nabhan Refaie(

Student Leaders and Administration Meetings(SLAM)

Description: Student Leaders & Senior Administration Meetings are comprised of elected student leaders, a student representative from each Special Status Group and members from University Administration. This group has been established as an informal body to facilitate discussion between student leaders and University Administration to discuss a variety of issues impacting the University community.

Membership: GSA Executives invited

Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Mandate:  This Committee oversees the Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct.  It also prepares and recommends non-academic student regulations which further a community environment conducive to learning

Membership: GSA President

Current GSA Members: Nabhan Refaie(

Student Life Award Committee

Mandate:  This Committee discusses and selects nominations for various Student Life Awards.

Membership: 1 General Director

Current GSA members: Vacant

Teaching and Learning Network

Mandate:  The goals of the Teaching and Learning Network are to exchange ideas and resources around evidence-based, innovative, and promising teaching and learning practices, coordinate communication and marketing of teaching and learning events and resources, collaborate on cross-college and institutional teaching and learning projects, and gather information about faculty and instructor needs related to teaching and learning.

Membership: 1 GSA Executive or 2 General Directors

Current GSA Members: Nabhan Refaie (

Town and Gown

Membership: GSA VP External

Current GSA Members: Rebecca Randle (

Student Wellness EDI Committee

Membership: 1 General Director

University Centre Board

Mandate:  This Committee supports the use of the University Centre as a place for social, educational and recreational activities and programs.

Membership: GSA VP Finance and GSA President

Current GSA Members: Mingze Li (, Nabhan Refaie (