GSA Awards and Bursaries

The GSA offers several different awards and bursaries for students in financial need.

Starting in Fall 2019, only students who opt-in to the GSA will be eligible to apply for grad student funding.

A Child Care Bursary is available for graduate students who demonstrate financial need, once during their grad study degree.

How to Apply

▼ Download the Child Care Bursary Application Form

Please hand in a hard copy of the completed application form to Erin Angus (UC 530).

For more information, contact Erin Angus |

This bursary is administered by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. The fund normally provides up to $1,000 for expenses that are incurred due to extenuating circumstances.

Students with any emergency situation are encouraged to apply. Typical examples include: travel expenses due to a death or illness of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent); travel to arrange a permanent change in parental obligations, including adoption; emergency living costs during family breakdown or dissolution; emergency food, living and/or school supplies required as a result of a delay in external agency support; emergency surgery (including dental) for self or immediate family member (spouse/child); uninsured loss due to fire, theft, or accident.

How to Apply

▼ Download the Compassionate Bursary Fund Application Form

GSA Travel Grant

Students who have presented at conferences, workshops, or seminars in their previous semester may be eligible to receive a travel grant up to $500, once during their grad study career. The student must have have been registered as a graduate student in the term that s/he has presented. Please noted that boarding passes are required in order to claim flight expenses.

Pre-approved applications are no longer accepted.

How to Apply

▼ Download the Travel Grant Application Form

Set up an appointment with Erin Angus,, UC 530, to review your completed travel applications.

For more information, contact GSA V.P.

Priority is given to events that directly enrich the graduate community. PDRs are due on the first day of each month.

How to Apply

▼ Download the PDR Application Form

Please download and complete the application, then send it to Afterward, contact Erin Angus at to reserve a spot for the meeting.