Health and Dental Plan

For information on your Health and Dental Plan, visit

Once on the homepage, select "University of Guelph CSA and GSA Main Campus."

Student Benefits Office

The Benefits Administrator, Ann Mammoliti, will be able to help you with any questions or issues you have with our Health and Dental Plan.


Call: 519-824-4120 Ext. 54798

Visit the Student Benefits Plan Office in the University Centre.

Policy Year

The policy year begins September 1, 2022, and ends August 31, 2023. Even if you are not enrolled for the W23 or S23 semester, you will still be covered by the Plan until August 31, 2023.

Family coverage does not carry over from previous years and must be completed every year. Please visit for updates.

It is a student's responsibility to know the opt-in and opt-out deadlines. For the most up to date deadlines, please visit and select University of Guelph CSA and GSA for updates.

The GSA V.P. Finance, represents graduate students on the University of Guelph CSA and GSA Health & Dental Committee.

Virtual Wellness Services for 2022-23

Here are some things you can expect from the mywellness program for the upcoming year:

Online Video Counselling Out of Country

We recognize that there are many International students who will be studying from their home Country and this may make it more difficult for them to access the important mental health support they may require. We are pleased to confirm for you the following Countries where students may still access the services of Inkblot Online Video Counselling via the mywellness program.

Countries Canadian Inkblot practitioners can serve: Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Poland, Japan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Norway, Slovenia.

Countries Inkblot is unable to serve due to regulation: New Zealand, Netherlands, China, Philippines, Italy, Sweden, Malta, Romania, Switzerland.

Instagram Live Chat Series

Over the course of the Pandemic we have run a series of live Instagram chats with very special guests where we discuss pertinent topics related to mental health and Covid-19. We are excited to let you know that our Instagram live chat series will continue in the Fall! Be sure to follow us @gallivansocial to tune in.

KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education

Our newest and very anticipated mywellness module launches in September! Now directly through mywellness, students can benefit from financial support through the KOFE platform where they will be able to access learning modules, budgeting tools, and financial counselling completely FREE!