Geography Student Colloquium 2018

Date and Time


Hutt Building, University of Guelph


Geography Student Colloquium - Crossroads, Choices, and Changes: a geographic perspective

Something new is coming to the University of Guelph's Geography Department in 2018...

For the first time, undergraduate and graduate students are invited to come together and share their ideas, questions, knowledge, and research at the Geography Colloquium! A colloquy is defined as an important, high-level discussion, and we decided to host this colloquium to give students the space and opportunity to have these conversations.

The colloquium will take place on February 10th, 2018 in the Hutt building on campus.

There will be presentations and a poster competition - and all are welcome to attend!

Not in geography, but undertaking related research? Upper-year undergraduate student completing an independent study or project? Curious about graduate studies in geography and want to see what kind of research we do? New graduate student working on a literature review or proposal? Upper year graduate student with some preliminary research? Just want to practice your poster or presentation skills? Join us! Let's talk!

RVSP for the Geography Student Colloquium 2018!

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