Guelph Family Health Study Distinguished Speaker Series - Dr. Mauro Fisberg

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The poster for the Guelph Family Health Study Distinguished Speaker Series, featuring the same information in this posting.



"Nutritional Situation in Latin America - Brazil and ELANS Case Studies"

Dr. Fisberg is a Pediatrician, Nutrologist, and Associate Professor in the Pediatrics Department at the Escola Paulista de Medicina - Federal University of São Paulo. Coordinator of the Excellence in Nutrition and Feeding Difficulties Center- PENSI Institute-José Luiz Egydio Setubal Foundation - Sabará Children 's Hospital. Member of the Pos Graduation Tutorial Program -Pediatrics Federal University of São Paulo. Member of the Board of Nutrology department Brazilian Pediatric Society. Coordinator Working Group Feeding Difficulties, LASPGHAN. Has graduated in Medicine from Escola Paulista de Medicina- Universidade Federal de São Paulo - Federal University of São Paulo (1976), residency in pediatrics and specializing in Pediatrics and Nutrition, and obtained a Ph D. title in Pediatrics from Universidade Federal de São Paulo (1987). Fellow and alumni Kellogg´s Foundation (Partners of the Americas Leadership VII program) and United Nations University (World Hunger Program). Past president and general secretary of the Latin American Society for Pediatric Research (SLAIP). Chair of the ELANS - Latin American Project on Nutrition and Health. Latin American editor of NUTRITION (2002-2008). Editor of Feeding Difficulties in Frontiers Pediatrics. Ad Hoc editorial member of JPGHN, Revista de Saude Publica, and others. Has experience in Nutrition, focusing on Child and Adolescent Nutrition, acting on the following subjects: adolescents, obesity, food intake and consumption, nutritional epidemiology, feeding difficulties, anemia, and nutritional intervention. Has more than 400 papers published in national and International magazines. Has published 18 books and hundreds of chapters in nutrition and pediatrics.



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