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The poster for HHNS Seminar Series with Dr. Kelsey Fisher-Wellman, featuring the same information in this posting.

HHNS Seminar Series - Dr. Kelsey Fisher-Wellman

Title of Talk: Leveraging Cell Type-specific Mitochondrial Physiology to Target Mitochondria in Cancer  More about Kelsey's research: As an Assistant Professor at East Carolina University, Dr. Fisher-Wellman’s research is dedicated to exploring functional heterogeneity in mammalian mitochondria, and in particular cancer where the unique demands of malignancy almost certainly drive mitochondrial specialization. Using an innovative mitochondrial phenotyping platform that integrates discovery biochemistry with multi-omics technologies,...
Canadian Nutrition Society Thematic Conference Poster, containing the same information listed in the event description.

Canadian Nutrition Society Thematic Conference - Non-nutritive Sweeteners & Health

Advances in Research & Practice - Non-nutritive sweeteners & health: Unravelling the evidence & controversy The Canadian Nutrition Society is excited to announce the opening of registration for our upcoming Thematic Conference, "Advances in Research & Practice - Non-nutritive sweeteners & health: Unravelling the evidence & controversy", taking place on January 27, 2024. This one-day conference will be held at a conveniently located venue in downtown Toronto, offering both in-person attendance and a live-streaming option for individuals and groups. ...
HHNS Symposium Poster

51st annual HHNS Symposium

After a very long hiatus, the Human Kinetics Student Association (HKSA) at the University of Guelph is so excited to bring back the 51st annual HHNS Symposium on January 27th 2024 in the Summerlee Science Complex (SSC) Atrium from 9:30am-12:30pm! This year's theme is: Breaking Down the Elixir of Life, all about how to live a long and healthy life. Topics will include the effects of cannabis use on the cardiovascular system, nutrition and mental health, and the importance of physical activity and sleep. We have three incredible speakers lined up for this...

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