Current Students

As an HNRU Student, how can I get more involved?

HNRU Journal Club

We are always looking for interested students to guide a discussion of a recently published research paper for our HNRU Journal Club. This journal club is open to all graduate students in HHNS and sessions run 1-2 per semester, when there's enough interest. This is a great way for students to practice their knowledge translation and transfer skills in a casual environment. Email Dr. Amy Tucker at if you are interested. 

NUTRInitiative Blog

If you have an idea for a new blog post about nutrition and/or health, please free feel to pitch your ideas to Dr. Amy Tucker at Our students can choose to write a short blog post and receive editorial guidance along the way. Be sure to check out the past entries on our NUTRInitiative blog.

Connect with HHNS

Be sure to stay in touch with all that is happening in our Department. The HHNS website is very active with upcoming event listings and ways for you to maximize your student experience.

Connect with U of Guelph

There are lots of great resources available across the University of Guelph campus. Stay connected to our UoG community through Experience Guelph and Student Life


Where can my experience in the HNRU lead me?

  •	Master or PhD in the areas of Food or Health Sciences programs. •	Medical Technician or Regulatory Affairs Graduate Certificate programs. •	Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Dietician programs. •	Masters of Business Administration program.   No matter which career path you follow when you leave the HNRU, it is always possible to loop back and change the career path you are following. The experience you gain from working in the HNRU makes it easy to switch between the field you are working in.

Infographic created by: Montana Speed, B.Sc. Graduate.