Attack is the Best Form of Defense: Finding New Ways to Target Cystic Fibrosis Bacteria

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Written by By Jessica Ulbikas

Many of us know that cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder characterized by enduring and debilitating lung infections. What may be less well-known is that the main pathogen involved in these lung infections is Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria capable of causing significant morbidity and mortality in people with cystic fibrosis.

To date, there is no known cure for cystic fibrosis, and effective treatments that can specifically target P. aeruginosa are urgently needed. Before this can happen, we must first understand the cellular mechanisms that drive the bacteria’s ability to cause infection.

This is where new research from the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology comes in. Dr. Cezar Khursigara recently led a study to uncover how different P. aeruginosa are virulent using one key cellular structure: peptidoglycan. READ MORE HERE

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