One Day, Plants Could Grow Your Meds

“Is this insulin animal-free?” 

In a future where major medications – like insulin, cancer treatments and life-saving vaccines – are grown from plants, such a question is valid. 

But according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, “There is no commercial plant molecular farming in Canada to date, and none is anticipated in the near future.”

University of Guelph researchers disagree. 

Molecular and Cellular Biology researchers develop new way to model gut microbiome in lab settings by adding viruses back in

Research on microbiomes —the communities of microorganisms living in a variety of environments, including the human body, soils and oceans— has grown rapidly in recent years.  These studies are advancing our understanding of the role of microbiomes in a variety of human diseases, including intestinal diseases and mental health disorders, as well as their impact in agriculture, natural ecosystems and industry.

Waasamowin: SSC Atrium Honoured with Anishinaabemowin Name

The name of a space can set the tone for what the space is for, and who is welcome there. In support of Indigenization at U of G, the word Waasamowin (Wah-sah-mow-in) now graces the Summerlee Science Complex (SSC) atrium.

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Congratulations to Madison Turner - CBS Three Minute Thesis Heat Winner

Congratulations to Madison Turner and Christabel Osei-Boateng!

Madison Turner, PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Christabel Osei-Boateng, MSc student in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, have been named winner and runner-up at the College of Biological Science’s Three Minute Thesis Heat. They will both go on to represent the college at the university-level competition on April 24.

Dr. Andrew MacDougall and Dr. Cezar Khursigara named UoG Research Leadership Chairs

Two College of Biological Science professors, Dr. Andrew MacDougall from Integrative Biology and Dr. Cezar Khursigara from Molecular and Cellular Biology, have been named University of Guelph Research Leadership Chairs. This prestigious honour recognizes mid- to late-career researchers who have made significant contributions to their fields, both nationally and internationally, and raised the university’s reputation.

Closing the Knowledge Gap Between Lyme and Other Diseases

A recent study led by Dr. Melanie Wills, head of the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, sheds new light on the presentation of the disease beyond test results, helping to close an important knowledge gap. READ MORE HERE

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