Fighting Off Fungi: New Molecular Tool Joins the War Against Fungal Pathogen

Scientists have just been handed a new tool to fight the rising threat of fungal infections.

Researchers in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology have developed a molecular system that can activate just about any gene in a common fungal pathogen, opening the door to both targeted genetic investigations and genome-wide screening. Their work was recently published in the journal G3: Genes Genomes Genetics. READ MORE HERE

Recognizing the potential for growth in the Ontario craft cider sector

A University of Guelph research team led by Dr. George van der Merwe, a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology in the College of Biological Sciences, is looking to expand and diversify the local craft cider industry in Ontario. 

To help facilitate growth in the cider industry, the team will cultivate new yeast stains, develop new cider apple varieties and seek to better understand how taxation impacts the industry. 

U of G Research on ‘Sticky’ Proteins Points to New Treatments to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Improved treatments for infections caused by often-deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria may result from a recent discovery by University of Guelph microbiologists. 

By studying how methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) colonizes and infects human hosts, the researchers have found a potential drug target to strengthen existing treatments to overcome antimicrobial resistance (AMR).  

Heart Failure Averted by Dietary Nitrate, Gut Microbe Link: U of G Research  

Preventing heart failure and managing diabetes are the potential benefits of a new discovery by University of Guelph researchers.   

The team has shown that nitrate – already a popular dietary supplement for athletes – can help improve cardiac health even in a state of obesity.  In an intriguing finding, the study is the first to link heart-health benefits of nitrate to gastrointestinal microbes.  (Link no longer available)

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