Mission & Overview

The Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies is committed to:

  • creating an academic environment for both our faculty and students that is supportive, but intellectually challenging.
  • the pursuit of knowledge about the Canadian and global marketplace through the conduct of high quality research.
  • preparing students for life and work in a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace by educating them to be active, engaged citizens.

We accomplish our mission by having:

  • a strong commitment to conducting research, as evidenced by our growing faculty success with funding and publications.
  • diversity in faculty expertise, interests and backgrounds, allowing us to teach a broader range of undergraduate courses than most marketing departments and our graduate students to pursue a wide variety of thesis topics.
  • substantial depth in research methodologies, analytical techniques, and strategic planning, which shapes our graduate and undergraduate program and course offerings.
  • uniqueness in all of our programs and in our consumer studies heritage/social science orientation.