Undergraduate Students

The Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies offers two undergraduate programs:

Both programs give students a liberal education that equips them to succeed in their business careers.

Students in these programs can receive academic and career advice at any time from: 

Program Specific Advisors

  •  Rita Raso - Marketing Management students (including co-op)
  • Jian Zhou - Real Estate and Housing students (including co-op)

BComm Counselling Office

Students can contact Program Counsellors within the B.Comm. Counselling Office if they are enrolled in any B.Comm. program, or if they wish to transfer into B.Comm. For more information please visit the BComm Counselling Office web page.

Business Career Development Centre

The Business Career Development Centre offers tailored career assistance to business students at the University of Guelph, including access to workshops, events and services including mentoring and networking opportunities and one-on-one career coaching.