About the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies

Prof Vinay Kanetkar speaks with three studentsThe Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies is one of four academic units in the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics.

Our faculty members and graduate students share strong research interests in consumer behaviour, marketing and related phenomena. Our scholarly activities include conference presentations and the publication of articles covering a wide variety of marketplace topics. These activities are supported by two research facilities available exclusively to our faculty and students.

We are responsible for two Bachelor of Commerce majors (marketing management and real estate & housing) and one Master of Science program (Marketing and Consumer Studies). We are also partnered with Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management and the Department of Management, to offer the Ph.D. in Management with primary responsibility for the Marketing stream. Guest Speakers frequent our classrooms, and we run both a weekly seminar and a semi-annual speaker series to bring visiting academics and practitioners to present to large groups of our faculty and students.