Student Clubs

Marketing Society

The Marketing Society is a student-run club that organizes extra-curricular activities for Marketing Management students. Activities range from fun social outings to formal events, graduate celebrations, academic support, various fundraising activities and, to business conferences and networking opportunities. The executive members of this group are elected into their positions by their peers. For more information please visit the Marketing Society website or like us on Facebook.

The Real Estate and Housing Students' Association (REHSA)

The REH Student Association was founded in 1995 and actively provides ways for REH students to interact in professional and social activities. The club brings in guest speakers from the real estate industry to discuss careers and industry trends. Additionally, students get together regularyly for pizza to talk over courses, trade textbooks and get to know one another better.The small size of the program means that students in all years end up getting to know each other well by the end of their four years here, at the University of Guelph. For more information please visit the REHSA website or like us on Facebook.