Associate Professor Sylvain Charlebois explains why Canada is missing out on the pumpkin spice craze

Posted on Friday, November 7th, 2014

Associate Professor Sylvain Charlebois From Oreos to marshmallows to yogurt, pumpkin spice loving Canadians are having to cross the border to take full advantage of this fall flavour craze that has gone worldwide. As such, Associate Professor Sylvain Charlebois speaks out in a recent Toronto Star article to address the worldwide pumpkin spice craze and how Canada is surprisingly missing out on it. Charlebois explains that the occurrence or lack thereof in Canada, is because pumpkin spice "doesn't appeal to everyone". Further, Canada's population - and therefore number of pumpkin spice devotees and lovers - is much lower than the United States. Read the full Toronto Star article on "Why Canada misses out on the pumpkin spice craze."

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