MCS2020 students consult for local company, Ag Energy

Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Ag Energy case competition students and Ag Energy senior management team

Information Management students were partnered with local energy cooperative Ag Energy during the Winter 2015 semester for the chance to apply their skills and create impact on a real strategic plan. Students were asked to help Ag Energy consider their growth opportunities in a changing market, including how to support growth with technology innovation and information management. Using a problem based learning approach, students generated a report and presentation, finishing the term with a “competition day” where a winning team was awarded a $1000 contract with Ag Energy.

In this uncertain economy, it becomes increasingly important for students to have opportunities to apply their knowledge and build practical skills that help prepare them for their field. The MCS2020 students, Ag Energy, and teaching team all gained value from the experience and outcome, and are keeping in touch to model best practice and continue creating applied opportunities for students in courses.

“I believe teaching and learning is a two-way street,” said instructor Nicole McCallum. “I find it incredibly special to be a part of an experience like this with them. They really stepped up their efforts to a professional level in an academic environment that both challenged them and gave them something different.”


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