Our People

OMAFRA-U of G Agreement staff are part of the Office of Research and are located at 1 Stone Road West, 2NW. View the Office of Research Staff List to see other departments within the Office of Research.

Contact information for the Research Program Directors

Contact information for each Research Station Manager can be found on the specific Research Station page.

Image of Beverley Hale

Beverley Hale

Associate Vice-President, Research (Agri-Food Partnership)
Phone: 519.826.3800
Email: avpagrfd@uoguelph.ca
Image of Mary Visser Kerr

Mary Visser Kerr

Executive Assistant to Associate Vice-President, Research (Agri-Food Partnership)
Phone: 519.826.3800
Email: secagrfd@uoguelph.ca
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Laurie Halfpenny-Mitchell

Director, OMAFRA-U of G Agreement and Research Programs
Phone: 519.826.3827
Email: laurieha@uoguelph.ca
Image of Remo Pallotini

Remo Pallottini

Director, Research Facilities Management
Phone: 519.826.3805
Email: remop@uoguelph.ca
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Jillian Harvey

Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 519.826.0460
Email: jillianh@uoguelph.ca
Image of Melissa Watkins

Melissa Watkins

Manager, OMAFRA-U of G Agreement
Phone: 519.826.3804
Email: watkinsm@uoguelph.ca
Image of Tania Etienne

Tania Étienne

Research Program Coordinator
Phone: 519.826.4198
Email: tetienne@uoguelph.ca
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Jack Mallon

Research Program Coordinator
Phone: 519.826.7228
Email: jmallon@uoguelph.ca
Image of Jennifer Brayshaw

Jennifer Brayshaw

Financial Clerk
Phone: 519.826.3500
Email: brayshaw@uoguelph.ca
Image of Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore

Manager, OMAFRA-U of G Agreement Communications & Knowledge Mobilization Program
Phone: 519.826.5269
Email: r.moore@uoguelph.ca
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Shannon Brown

Knowledge Mobilization Officer
Phone: 519.826.3802
Email: sbrown17@uoguelph.ca
Image of Rebecca Rebus

Rebecca Rebus

Dairy Facility Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator
Phone: 519.826.3809
Email: rebus@uoguelph.ca
Image of Hosni Taky Elden

Hosni Taky Elden

Financial Analyst
Phone: 519.826.3376
Email: htakyel@uoguelph.ca
Image of Richard Schwarting

Richard Schwarting

Data Analyst II
Email: rschwart@uoguelph.ca