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The University of Guelph's Policy and Procedures on Research Centres and Institutes, and Scholarly Chairs outlines the process for establishing a centre or institute, governance expectations and reporting requirements. The official version of this policy is housed with the University Secretariat.

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image depicting polaroid photos of animals, hanging on a line Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare

Promotes animal welfare through research, education and outreach.

Two people sitting around bowls of grain and seed Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement

Advocates, showcases, catalyzes and foster an equitable, respectful, and sustained exchange of knowledge between Canadian and Indian scholars on complex and emerging (and unexplored) topics related to sustainability and social and economic well-being.

An interdisciplinary nucleus in Canada for cutting-edge research on India/Indian diaspora, CIRCLE is a gathering place for faculty, students and community partners interested in research related to India and Indian diaspora. In using the terms "India" and the "Indian diaspora," we acknowledge India’s interconnectedness with other countries and regions in a globalised world.

University of Guelph - Canada Cyber Foundry Canadian Cyber Foundry (CCF)

The Canada Cyber Foundry (CCF) at the University of Guelph represents a pioneering vision in the realm of cybersecurity education, innovation, and partnership. Established as a nexus for cutting-edge cybersecurity research, professional training, and commercialization, CCF is dedicated to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and practices to address the complex challenges of today's digital world. Our mission is to cultivate a secure digital future by empowering the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and leaders, fostering innovative cybersecurity solutions, and facilitating impactful industry collaboration.

At CCF, we believe in the power of collaboration between academia, industry, and the community to drive forward the cybersecurity frontier. Our unique ecosystem of programs, initiatives, and partnerships is designed to produce highly skilled cybersecurity experts equipped with the knowledge and tools to protect our digital society. Our approach goes beyond traditional education to include hands-on experience, real-world problem-solving, and engagement with leading cybersecurity professionals.

Our commitment to research and innovation is exemplified through our specialized labs and initiatives, focusing on areas such as digital forensics, threat intelligence, data privacy, and the intersection of cybersecurity with the different sectors. These efforts not only contribute to advancing the field but also ensure that our students and partners are at the forefront of cybersecurity developments. Additionally, CCF serves as a catalyst for the commercialization of cybersecurity innovations, supporting entrepreneurs and startups through business acceleration and consulting services, thereby contributing to Canada's economic growth and cybersecurity resilience.

Canadian Research Institute in Food Safety (CRIFS)

Fosters links among researchers, the food industry, consumer groups and regulatory agencies to bolster the Canadian agri-food sector through public health protection, enhancement of trade and increased awareness of food safety.

Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (CARE-AI)

Advances multidisciplinary AI training and research and its responsible application to everyday life by fostering collaborative research on machine learning and Ai across disciplines and with industry partners.