Research Leadership Chairs Program Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

Eligible Expenses

To be considered eligible, any expenditure charged to an RLC account must be managed within University research administration policy and procedures related to research activities.

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • Travel to meetings and conferences related to research activities
  • meeting/conference expenses such as posters
  • Student, Post doc, and research assistant/associate salaries
  • Research proposal development costs
  • Research project management costs
  • Subscriptions to research periodicals
  • Memberships in research organizations
  • Reference books
  • Journal submission fees and costs associated with open access
  • Specialized software, subvention fees, other than that routinely provided by the University, used for research
  • Research-related postal or shipping charges
  • Computer peripherals required for research purposes which are compatible with existing equipment and systems, and with installment and maintenance requirements verified through CCS
  • Research data collection plan costs
  • Professional license or certification fees
  • Office supplies for research projects
  • Matching funding for another contract or award, as per contract or award agreement

Ineligibile Expenses

Funds in RLC accounts may not be used for purposes other than research and scholarly activities.  They are not intended to supplement the salary of the faculty member to whom such funds have been awarded.  Personal expenses of any kind are not eligible for reimbursement. 

Examples of ineligible expenses:

  • Home office costs such as furniture, equipment, maintenance expenses or supplies
  • Cell phone, internet or telephone charges unless approved by the Administering Unit as necessary for job performance
  • Expenses related to personal consulting
  • Memberships in social clubs or airline travel clubs
  • Wages paid to grant holder/researcher including prior to, or following, retirement
  • Teaching release

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