Guidelines for Visitors at Board of Governor Meetings, Board of Trustees or their Committees

Board of Governors: Meeting Guidelines for Visitors

These Guidelines help prepare Visitors’ expectations in instances where they attend meetings of the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees or their Committees.

It is the expectation that the business of these meetings can proceed appropriately and with full attention to a safe, comfortable and secure environment for all meeting participants.  These Guidelines describe measures that are consistent with past practice and with the relevant Board-approved by-laws, policies and protocols.  These Guidelines are also consistent with other University policies and protocols addressing individual conduct, safety and security.[1]

a) Board of Governor meetings are open to the public except for matters which may be deemed to be confidential, as provided in Board bylaws and policies.   Confidential matters are addressed by the Board of Governors in closed session. Visitors (i.e. non-Board members) are welcome to attend Open Session segments of Board of Governor meetings. 

b) Visitors will exit the meeting immediately upon completion of the Open Session of the meeting or at the request of the Chair (see especially, g), below).

c) Visitors may only attend Closed Session segments of Board of Governor meetings by invitation and subject to Board confirmation when a duly moved and seconded motion is approved confirming the invitation at the time the Board moves into Closed Session.

d) All meetings of Board Committees, including the Board of Trustees, are Closed.  Attendance of Visitors (i.e. non-Committee members) at one of these Closed meetings is limited to those invited by the Committee Chair.

e) Visitors who wish to attend an Open Session of a Board of Governors meeting to observe the proceedings are required to advise the University Secretary in advance of their intentions.  Such Visitors may be required to sign-in upon arrival at the meeting and the names provided through this process may be listed among the attendees included in the official minutes of the meeting.  Visitors may also be asked to comply with measures to address safety and security considerations.  Whenever possible, these measures will be conveyed to Visitors in advance of their arrival at the meeting.

f) Visitors attending meetings of the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees and Committees do not have speaking privileges unless they have been advised of such privileges in advance of the meeting (e.g. resource personnel, invited presenters) or, at the meeting in response to due process, provided with speaking privileges.

g) Interference with the progress of a meeting by a Visitors will not be permitted and any Visitor who attempts to impede the business of the meeting will be instructed by the meeting Chair to leave.   In such circumstances, the Visitor will exit the meeting immediately

h) No audio or visual, or audio and visual record or transmittal by any Visitor of any Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, or Board Committees is permitted without prior approval by the Chair of the relevant Meeting.

Questions concerning these Guidelines may be directed to the University Secretary ( or 519-824-4120 x56103).

[1] Examples include the University’s Human Rights Policy, Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy, regulations/policies/protocols pertaining to fire safety, provisions for accommodation of individuals with disabilities.