Call for Nominations - Winegard, Forster & Walter Vaughan Medals

The Senate Honours and Awards Committee invites nominations for the following University student awards to be presented at June 2021 convocation celebration.

Nomination deadline: Friday, May 7, 2021

While a College is not obliged to nominate a student for these medals, being nominated is an honour itself, and nominees will be listed in the convocation program.  A list of eligible students for each medal will be provided to the Colleges from Student Financial Services (indicating eligible students who convocated in the previous fall semester) and the Office of Graduate Studies.

W.C. Winegard Medal

The Winegard Medal is the University of Guelph’s top convocation award to an undergraduate student. Named for former University President Dr. William Winegard, the medal is awarded in recognition of both academic achievement and contributions to the University and community life.

D.F. Forster Medals – Magisteriate and Doctoral

The D.F. Forster Medals are the most prestigious graduate convocation awards at the University of Guelph. These medals are awarded annually to one convocating Master’s student and one convocating PhD student who excel both academically and in extra-curricular activities. Named for the late Donald Forster, a former President of the University, the awards recognize academic achievement, motivation, leadership and citizenship.

Walter Vaughn Medal

Named for a former secretary of Senate, the Walter Vaughan Medal recognizes a student Senator who has achieved high academic standing and who has made a substantial contribution to student life and to the university particularly through involvement and commitment to Senate activites.

For questions related to the nomination process or criteria, please contact: Joanne Emeneau, Associate University Secretary (