Co-op, Work Term, Final Job Placement Records

Information Details


Cooperative Education & Career Services

Information Maintained

CO-OP: Name, address, student number, employer name and address, job description, program of study, performance evaluation and work report grade from work term, correspondence, site visit form. CAREER COUNSELLING: Name, student identification number, meeting notes, program of study.


Record student participation in co-op and work term programs, assess student performance, record students placed in jobs through placement office programs.


Cooperative Education & Career Services staff, academic staff involved in co-op program, registered employers.

Individuals in Bank

Students, employers.


Student and Campus Services


Legal Authority

University of Guelph Act (sections 11 & 13), 1964.

Retention and Disposal

CO-OP: Paper records: 1 year after co-op then confidential destruction.  Electronic files: retained permanently for statistical purposes. CAREER COUNSELLING: Indefinite.