Daycare Registrant Records

Information Details


Childcare and Learning Centre

Information Maintained

Name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, parent name and business telephone, doctor's/dentist's name and address, child's medical history and immunization record, permission forms (video and photographic records of child, administration of medication, participation on excursions), child's schedule and behaviour patterns, siblings age, siblings birthday, siblings sex.


Document registration, activities and development of child in daycare program, facilitate daily and emergency care, emergency contact and consent, child development history.


Daycare centre staff, emergency medical employees and specialists.

Individuals in Bank

Children registered in daycare centre.


Student and Campus Services


Legal Authority

University of Guelph Act (sections 11 & 13), 1964; Child and Family Services Act; Day Nursery Act.

Retention and Disposal

2 years then confidential destruction.