Graduate and Alumni Records

Information Details


Alumni Affairs & Development

Information Maintained

Home contact information, education and employment information, family and business relationships, correspondence with the University of Guelph, record of charitable giving and volunteer involvement, honours and awards (i.e. Order of Canada, Top 40 under 40, etc.) received by alumni and friends, names of humans or animals for whom tribute or memorial donations are received, indications of intent for charitable gifts (i.e. gift agreements, scholarship terms and conditions, etc.), record of student activity while attending the University of Guelph, record of involvement in University of Guelph activities, committees and events, event and historical photos.


To assist in planning alumni events, provision of information on upcoming events, organizing class reunions, invitation lists, organizing volunteers, to develop and cultivate support for the University and to maintain ongoing relationships with alumni, supporters and friends of the University.


Alumni Affairs & Development, Administration Assistants in Deans’ offices and President’s office, Communications & Public Affairs, and volunteers and donors in collaboration with University activities.

Individuals in Bank

Donors, potential donors, students, alumni, employees.


Alumni Affairs


Legal Authority

University of Guelph Act (sections 11 & 13), 1964.

Retention and Disposal

Alumni and donor records: permanent but address deleted upon decease.