Nominations from the Floor of Senate

Senators may propose nominations from the floor of the meeting to provide alternative candidates for any slate or ballot presented to Senate by the Bylaws & Membership Committee. Any slate or ballot going to Senate for approval must stipulate this as an option.

Such nominations must conform to the established rules and policies of the University and will only be accepted by the Chair if the nominee has indicated, in writing, a willingness to serve on the committee. All nominations must be accompanied by a completed nomination form obtained from the University Secretariat.

The Senator proposing the nomination may be asked to explain the reason for bringing it forward from the floor of Senate instead of following the normal process of submitting the nomination to the Secretariat for the consideration of the Senate Bylaws and Membership Committee, which considers nominations according to the factors outlined in the Senate-approved Modus Operandi.

Once a nomination has been presented from the floor of Senate and the nominee’s eligibility to stand has been confirmed, the additional candidate shall be added to a ballot which shall be distributed electronically , to be returned to the University Secretariat within seven days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and University holidays) of its circulation to Senators.

Election shall be through the preferential voting method.