Procedure for Policy 1.3 Safe Disclosure Policy

The official version of this procedure is housed with the University Secretariat.  In the event of a discrepancy, the official version will prevail. Click here for a printable version of this procedure.

Parent Policy: 1.3 Safe Disclosure Policy
Approving Authority: Board of Governors 
Responsible Office: Chief Internal Auditor
Responsible Officer: President
Original Approval Date: June 21, 2019
Most Recent Revision Date: N/A
Previous Revisions: None

1. Disclosure

1.1. Good Faith Reports should be directed by email to the Chief Internal Auditor at or by contacting Audit Services at the phone number or address in the Staff Directory. If a Reporter has reasonable grounds to believe the Chief Internal Auditor is engaged in the Inappropriate Behaviour, the Good Faith Report may be directed to the University’s Director, Staff Relations or the University’s Legal Counsel.

1.2. Good Faith Reports should provide as much information as is available to the Reporter including:

1.2.1. The nature of the allegation being reported;

1.2.2. When the alleged activity occurred;

1.2.3. Where the alleged activity occurred;

1.2.4. Names of all parties involved in the alleged activity and their role in the alleged activity;

1.2.5. Names of anyone else who knows about the alleged activity;

1.2.6. Steps already taken to report the activity, if applicable;

1.2.7. If the alleged activity reported involves a financial loss, an estimate of the amount involved;

1.2.8. Identification of any policies, laws or regulations believed to have been breached; and

1.2.9. Copies of any documents or other materials available to support the Good Faith Report.

2. Investigations

2.1. Upon receipt of a Good Faith Report, the Chief Internal Auditor will review the Good Faith Report to complete an assessment of the nature and extent of the alleged activity and determine whether the report falls within the Scope of the Policy. If the Chief Internal Auditor determines the alleged activity should be dealt with under an Alternate Policy, the Chief Internal Auditor will forward the Good Faith Report as appropriate.

2.2. If the Good Faith Report falls within the Scope of the Policy, an investigation will be initiated by the University as appropriate.

2.3. If disciplinary proceedings are deemed to be appropriate, the relevant collective agreements, employee agreements, or student discipline protocols will apply.