Research Records

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Office of Research

Information Maintained

Research trust accounts, faculty pay component, budgets for research projects, CVs for faculty members, CVs of some non-University of Guelph students/faculty, reasons cited for delays in research on applications, possible reasons for terminations of research contracts, cases of academic misconduct, cases of non-compliance with animal/human protocols for use in research, e-mail addresses of reviewers (members of University Research Ethics board), correspondence concerning pre-awards (research proposals) and post-awards (research contracts), ID numbers (students, faculty), government PIN numbers, reviewers' comments regarding ethics protocol submissions.


To carry out functions and responsibilities of the Office of Research including annual reporting requirements, and compliance with various guidelines and legislation.


Office of research staff have access to research grants and completed research contracts, departmental administrative assistants, research financial services accounting officers and the director of research communications receive copies of executed agreements, the Research Ethics Officer has access to ethics protocols submitted for review and certificates for approved protocols and correspondence, the Chair of the University Research Ethics Board has access upon request, members of inspection agencies, external auditors, and internal reviewers.

Individuals in Bank

Students, employees, public.




Legal Authority

University of Guelph Act (sections 11 & 13), 1964.

Retention and Disposal

7 years then confidential destruction.