Regulations Governing the Nomination of Senate-elected Representatives to the Selection/Review Committee for the President

The official version of this policy is housed with the University Secretariat. In the event of a discrepancy, the official version will prevail. Click here for a printable version of this policy.

Oversight of the process is under the Senate Bylaws and Membership Committee

Original Approval Date:  April 2, 2012
Date of Most Recent Review: April 7, 2014

The policy outlining the membership of the Selection/ Review Committee for the President is established under the authority of the Board of Governors and provides for Senate-elected representation by faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty, staff, and student members of a Selection/ Review Committee for the President will be identified as follows:

  1. There will be a call for nominations issued by the University Secretariat to faculty, staff and students across the University.
  2. Nominations received will be reviewed by the Senate Bylaws & Membership Committee which shall compose a membership slate according to the Senate-approved Modus Operandi, and following applicable Senate bylaws and regulations, will recommend a slate of Committee candidates to Senate for approval.
  3. Committee candidates need not be Senators.
  4. Committee candidates who are faculty must hold tenure and must come from different Colleges or campuses of the University; Professional librarians are eligible.
  5. Committee candidates who are staff members must be regular full-time employees of the University.
  6. Committee candidates who are students and who are anticipated to retain their student status until the Selection/ Review Committee for the President completes its function will be given preference.

The membership slate shall be presented for approval to Senate by the Bylaws & Membership Committee, in accordance with Senate procedures and regulations.

Senators may propose nominations from the floor of the Senate meeting to provide alternative candidates for any ballot or slate presented by the Bylaws and Membership Committee. Any ballot or slate presented to Senate for election or approval must stipulate this as an option. Nominations from the floor must conform to the established rules and policies of the University and will only be accepted by the Chair of Senate if the nominee has indicated, in writing, a willingness to serve on the committee. All nominations must be accompanied by the completed Senate nomination form which can be obtained from the University Secretariat. Once the eligibility of the candidate to stand for election to the membership slate has been established, the candidate’s name and statement will be added to a ballot, which shall be returned to the University Secretariat within seven days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and University holidays) of circulation to Senators.