Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to Ask Us your questions if they are not listed below.

"I have money from running an event, how do I send it to United Way?"

  1. Individual event organizers collect e-transfers/cash/etc.  

  1. Event organizers transfer fees to our treasury department through an online bill payment method 
    -Find Payee name "Univ of Guelph Treasury" enter account #TRSY000020 
    -* Please note Treasury would prefer larger lump sum donations as opposed to a number of small ones  
    -Alternatively, Treasury can receive payment at the front counter, COVID-19 Hours: Monday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM of each pay week. Alternative days by appointment only 

  1. Event organizer to complete an online form ( detailing organizers name, transfer amount, department, etc. 

  1.  Treasury to transfer funds to U of G United Way G/L account code. 

  1. At end of the campaign, Mark Colvin will generate a transfer of funds to United Way for all events. 

"I've heard your overhead costs are sky-high - why would I donate if most of my money is just going to you?"

At the United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin we are so proud to say that our overhead costs are only at 18%, which means that only 18 cents of every dollar donated goes toward administration costs. The national benchmark is 26%, so we are happy to say that we are well below that. 

"How is the money that is donated distributed among the agencies that the United Way funds?"

One of the great things about donating to the United Way as opposed to one of our funded agencies directly is that we do our research and distribute the funds according to where the community needs it most. We also require reports and feedback from our funded agencies so that we know exactly how the money is being used and how it is directly impacting the community. 

"My wages are stagnant but the cost of living is rising - why should I donate more money?"

You may not be aware of the programs that are funded by the United Way - programs that you, your family and your friends use may be funded by the United Way and you may not even know it. Beyond that, life can change in an instant and many United Way funded agencies are there to support you, your family and your community in times of need.

"I don't want to donate to the United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin because I don't live in this area."

There is an option when donating to direct your funds to your home community - you just have to indicate this when filling out your pledge form. 

"How can I fund a specific program or agency when donating to the United Way?"

If there is a specific program or agency that you would like your donation to go directly towards then all you have to do is indicate this on your pledge form and we will ensure that your funds go to the agency or program you wish to support. It is however important to keep in mind that we research the current needs of the community and allocate the funds we raise accordingly, always ensuring that our money is being used the way it is intended by requesting regular reports from all of the programs and agencies.