Nick and Myles - CME - 2009 Competition



Myles is a fourth year Marketing Management student with a passion for songwriting. He picked up his first guitar in grade eleven and hasn’t put it down yet. He aspires to be the person at a bonfire, who everyone is entertained by because of his ability to stir up a feeling, mood or time of one’s life. That’s what music means to Myles, and he says there would be no greater feeling in the world than knowing songs he wrote evoked these things in others.

Nicholas Resch is an environmental science student who also has a passion for music. He took singing and guitar lessons when younger, but didn’t stick with them. He didn’t pick up a guitar again until first year university when his residence room was across the hall from Myles. Hearing that Nicholas knew how to play, he forced a guitar back into Nicholas’ hands. Now playing and singing is a constant for Nicholas too – and he doesn’t know what he used to do in his spare time.