"When I started working at the university, I had the good fortune to meet and work with Gabrielle (Gabi) Hubert.  I was impressed by her warmth, patience and respectful way in which she treated every individual.  It wasn’t long before I learned of her involvement with Big Sisters and she had recruited me to be a canvasser for the United Way.  Every year when the United Way campaign rolls around, I think of Gabi and the positive impact that she had on me and those around her.

Growing up in a large family, it never occurred to me that a child could be in need of a Big Brother or a Big Sister until I learned more about Gabi’s affiliation with the United Way.  Her ability to listen, to mentor and to have fun extended beyond her role as a ‘big sister’ and into to her work and personal relationships.   I myself was blessed with two sisters, one older and one younger, and the support and encouragement that volunteers like Gabi provided.

Over the years, I have given to the United Way to support programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington and so many others.  With one donation, I can reach out to so many in my community.  My involvement as a canvasser, coordinator and steering committee member at the university was inspired many years ago and that inspiration continues to direct my efforts beyond the campus and into the local and global community."

-- Margaret Barth

"I give to the United Way because it provides funding to a wide variety of programs in my local community. It is so easy to give by making a pledge through payroll deduction!"

-- Judy Metherel

“When my grandma couldn’t live independently any longer, she moved in with my parents. It was the right decision, but put an emotional strain on our family. My mom found a United Way-sponsored program in my hometown that provided an invaluable social environment for my grandma. It helped keep her sharp and gave her something to look forward to each week.

I give to the United Way in Guelph and Orillia because I know how important these community services are to families like mine. I do it not just for my grandma, but for other people’s grandmas too.”

-- Jenna Hennessy

"I love how living in Guelph helps me keep in touch with my small-town
beginnings and the spirited, community atmosphere I enjoyed.  Growing up in
small-town Ontario included lots of great fun and plenty of
neighbour-helping-neighbour activities.    This background helps me pay
attention to the great culture of Guelph, including its friendly, fun
environment and many local  initiatives,  It keeps me alive to the value of
being neighbourly.  I wish for all of us to be able to enjoy living here.
The way I see it, this means that when there's a need in this community, it's
about the needs of my neighbours, my neighbourhood, my home town.  I want to
do my part and be a good neighbour.  It's true: "Change Starts Here"! That's
why I choose to give annually to the United Way of Guelph Wellington

-- Vicki Hodgkinson

"I give to the United Way because it supports the community in which I live
and work.  I want to live in a place where children have the opportunities
they need to be successful and happy, where people living in poverty have the
opportunity to gain new skills and to build a better life for themselves and
where the elderly have opportunities for recreation and engagement.  The
United Way funded agencies do all this and more!  I am proud to support
Hospice, Immigrant Services, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and all of the other
agencies that receive United Way support."

-- Catherine Carstairs

"I give to United Way because of the significant impact the dollars make in
our local community. When you meet the clients and staff of funded agencies,
it really hits home.  Our donations - time, talents and treasure - are a
critical investment where we live, work and play.  Giving back ensures others
in our community have the equal opportunity to thrive and that our community
stays healthy - for the long term."

-- Patricia Tersigni