Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Student Campaign Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The committee members:

  • Promote the University’s United Way campaign among students and raise money towards the campaign through committee fundraising initiatives.
  • Provide input on the success and failures of the fundraising events 
  • Promote fundraising events in their colleges and their classes
  • Work in conjunction with their respective college governments to plan and execute fundraisers
  • Initiate the planning of their own fundraising events with the guidance of the student co chairs
  • Volunteer at student campaign events, and wherever help is needed during the campaign.

Positions on the committee include:

  • Treasurer: responsible for collecting and balancing the donation from each fundraising event, which is then to be submitted to revenue control.
  • Public relations: establish a link between students and the United Way campaign through promotional material and social media.
  • Secretary: take minutes during the committee meetings, work closely with the student co chairs to organize the campaign by setting up meetings, submitting paperwork for fundraisers, and volunteer assignments.
  • College government liaisons/ representatives: acts as a link between the co-chairs and the college governments. Work along with the college government to encourage donations to the University’s United Way campaign.