2016 United Way Hockey Marathon

Rich Moccia, Patricia Tersigni, Jill Brown, Catherine Carstairs, Scott Moccia start off the tournament

Organizers of this year's United Way Hockey Marathon thanked participants for such a great event.  Along with great fellowship both on and off the ice, the group raised over $3,500 in support of the UG's campaign for United Way.  These contributions help fund numerous programs for children, youth and adults in our community.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors and volunteers, including:

  • Darby Sportswear Inc. and owner Tom Sevier, for making and donating all the jerseys
  • The Department of Athletics and Frank Cain for contributing the ice
  • Gatorade Inc., Lawrence Spriet and grad students Devin and Kate for donating bottles, Gatorade and setup
  • UG’s First response Team for providing first aid and emergency support
  • Gryph’s Lounge Restaurant and Belinda Baker for great food and support
  • Scott's mom(!) for donating the snacks and oranges
  • Sandra Moccia and Mary Visser Kerr for running the registration desk and raffle
  • Kevin Lyons for donating the secret raffle prize